Wednesday 8 December 2021
10:00 AM - 12:30 PM

First Aid for OSCAR - Short Course

Wednesday  8th December, 10am - 12.30pm

Venue: Oranga Community Centre, 52 Waitangi Rd, Onehunga, Auckland.

This course covers the common accidents in the playground plus it looks at common medical conditions and how best to deal with them. The course is very practical and hands-on.

The workshop is run by First Aid First  Feedback from these workshops has been very positive, with many saying it was the best first aid workshop they had ever done.

- Sarah, the tutor, issues everyone a certificate for the course and does run a practical CPR assessment
- Sarah knows her stuff and is super practical and focused on first aid for children. We regularly get feedback that this was the "best first aid workshop ever".
- She carries a current qualification from the Resuscitation Council but this is not an NZQA or "Workplace First AId" workshop. 

Does the course meet accreditation requirements?

In our view 'yes' and many assessors agree. Some have recommended that staff undertake "Workplace First Aid". Our view is the workshop we are offering is very affordable course, very high quality and much more valuable than what we from some full day courses. Mostly, our members can live with having a recommendation on their Accreditation report when they know that staff have been to such a useful workshop. We also note that Sarah is a training provider of choice for staff at a number of schools.

Cost: OSCN members: $55-00 per person, ($50-00 per person if more than 3 people attending.); Non-members: $75-00 per person

No payment is required for initial registration or a booking enquiry.
Full details of the course and venue are sent by email, once a booking has been made.

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