Thursday 15 August 2024
10:00 AM - 01:00 PM
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Webinar - Keeping Your Cool: Responding to Challenging Behaviour

Cost: OSCN members $40-00 per person, ($100-00 per programme site - book as many as you like!)  Non-members $60-00 per person

We hear all the time that children are becoming more challenging in their behaviour and that staff often struggle to respond effectively when kids are pushing limits or “melting down”. This workshop aims to keep things simple – we focus on effective strategies for everyday use that help kids get back on track with a minimum of confrontation: if we want cool, respectful kids then we have to walk the talk ourselves.

We start by looking research into self-control and brain development, and how we can apply this in our first response to behaviour problems. Getting these basics right is still the best starting point for challenging behaviour. Then we review a simple framework to help you get your whole team on board with problem-solving when behaviour challenges are more persistent.

- Supporting children's learning in OSCAR
- Self-regulation and models of discipline
- Responding to problem behaviour - a tool kit for everyday use
- Planning an approach to persistent challenging behaviour

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