Kia ora.

This is where we regularly publish activity ideas for OSCAR providers: before/after school and holiday programmes.

Usually this resource is only available to OSCN members but we've decided to open up our archives to help you find some fun activities for the stay at home time ahead - we've put some of our favourites at the top. Browse further down for complete issues where we have lots more tried and tested ideas. (You will also find us at Pinterest - link at bottom of this page.) 

REMEMBER: kids love to be involved, they love to be asked and they love to be in charge of something. 

What is OSCAR? Check out our video about the OSCAR sector and how we support the development of kiwi children everyday.


No Sew T-Shirt Bags

Recycle those old t-shirts into an amazing tote bag.

Nature Insects and Animals

Leaves and pieces of nature make for a great base for crafts.

Stitching Constellation

Fine motor skills are always great to help a child grow. This activity has that in spades, using a needle and wool to create your own stitched constellations.

Summer Pencil Holders

A simple tin can with some card and a bit of imagination and you have your very own stationary holder.

Code Creator

Use the code breaker to make then decipher the code. Simple resources and is equally as easy to make.

Bull Frog Catcher

This fun little craft takes a cardboard tube, some string and a bottle cap and turns it into a fun little game. The aim of the game it to swing the bottle cap fly into the mouth of the hungry bull frog.

Faux Cactus

Ever forget to water your plants? Well now you don’t have to. Try your hand at this cute little version of a faux cactus. Create the shapes out of corrugated card, decorate them and then slot them together.

Paper Bowl

Small scraps of paper can be transformed into a beautiful and useful creation. This bowl can be used to store jewelry, lego etc.The opportunities are endless.


Issue 21

Take your programme into the outdoors and forage for beautiful resources then come back and let the creativity flow. Also ideas on what to do with those old puzzles.

Issue 22 - Easter 2020

Lots of great ideas for easter plus a special ANZAC page gives you three pages of inspiration. 

Issue 19

Go wild for these animal crafts plus how many things can you create with the humble paper clip?

Issue 20 - Christmas 2019

Our huge four page Christmas edition for 2019. Baking, wrapping, gifts, cards and decorations. All your Christmas ideas in one place.

Issue 17 - Easter 2019

Plenty of Easter ideas to keep your programme entertained for the whole holidays.

Issue 18

Take your programme on a mythical adventure with these great ideas then some ideas on things you can do with corrugated cardboard.

Issue 15 - Christmas 2018 

Four pages of Christmas ideas! Keep you programme busy making gifts, wrapping paper to wrap them and cards. 

Issue 16

We all love to care for our environment. Check out these environmentally friendly craft ideas.

Issue 13

This issue has ideas to help you make the most of the warm summer months. 

Issue 14

The exciting world of cooking science plus explore the many things you can create with scraps of paper.

Issue 11

This issue has ideas to help you make the most of the warm summer months. 

Issue 12 - Easter 2018

Get sorted for easter with these great ideas plus how many ways can you use kebab sticks? We've got plenty of ideas to start you off. .

Issue 9 - Christmas 2017

Our HUGE four page Christmas edition is here! Ideas for everyone. Baking, gifts, decorations and more.  

Issue 10

Summer is here! A few extra Christmas and summer ideas to finish off the year.

Issue 7

Science and wool. A bit of a strange combination but a lot of great activities. 

Issue 8

Travel around the world then get creative with fabric.

Issue 5 - Easter 2017

Issue 5 is full of uses for ribbon and Easter-themed goodies. 

Issue 6

Straws and secret agents. This edition has some awesome new ideas to get you crafting.

Issue 3

Our mega Christmas edition. Two bonus pages and everything from baking to gifts and decorations.

Issue 4

Great summer-themed crafts, some messy, which are a good outdoor option, plus a few games ideas.

Issue 1

The launch of something to do, a craft resource to make your programming easier. A space theme and crafts from old CDs.

Issue 2

Issue two has great nature crafts and easy ideas using feathers.

"I'm Bored!"

"... they are easily bored; more enthusiastic about the electronic world than the one right in front of them. These are the children who need to take a bit more control of their free time and see where it leads them.".


OSCAR and Learning

“Whenever an activity starts to feel like a “school lesson” the kids might well turn off. How is an OSCAR activity different?”

Creative Steps

Two very artistic OSCAR supervisors give some practical tips and inspiring ideas for strengthening your visual arts programming.

Children and Technology

Should we be be concerned about the increasing use of technology by children? A 2011 article that discusses issues still just as relevant today.