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Health and safety

Behaviour guidance

Sample policies / OSCAR Accreditation

Philosophy / child-centred services 

Child protection 

Behaviour guidance  


Health and safety 

Service operation & management  

Policy review checklist (update your current polices using latest MSD standards) 

MSD Accreditation visits 

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Publications (booklets)

The OSCAR Water Safety Handbook  

The OSCAR Drivers Handbook  

The OSCAR Staff Code of Conduct 

The Holiday Programme Survival Guide  

OSCN's Little Book of Active Games (for 5-6yrs) 

OSCN's Little Book of Active Games (for 7+yrs) 

OSCN's Little Book of Active Games (time fillers, ice breakers)  

The OSCAR Programme Supervision Manual 

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Programme management

IT, digital media and devices - sample policy

OSCAR venues  

Equipment list  

Sample enrolment forms

Fee Policy Sample  

Setting fees  

Service operation & management - sample policy

Late collections 

Duty of care  

Legal liability  



Change of ownership

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Child protection

Child protection - sample policy   

Child abuse reporting for

Vulnerable Children Act  view online

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Progamming and child development

OSCAR and learning  

Holiday programme survival guide 

ADHD - Strengths-based programming and behaviour guidance

What is OSCAR like for children with ADHD?

Out of School with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder)

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Staffing - sample forms and documents

Staffing - sample policy 

Staffing - the right people & the right processes

Staff application form

Code of conduct

Employment agreement - sample

Induction checklist 

Interview record and sample questions

Job description (assistant) 

Job description (supervisor)

Person specification 

Performance appraisal form (1)

Performance appraisal form (2)

Referee check form

Volunteer agreement - sample

Staffing - useful guidelines and checklists

An OSCAR employer's checklist 

Staff safety checklist (risk assessment form VCA)

Interview guidelines

Referee checking guidelines

Programme supervision manual

Guidelines for supervision of children

Police vetting

Information on how to register for police vetting

Vetting request and consent form

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Health and safety

Health and safety - sample policy

Health and safety - getting started

The top 5 ways to manage risk

Sun Safety - a guide for staff

Food Safety - a guide for staff

Food handling guidelines 

Food hygiene - sample policy  

Food Act update 2019 - sample policy  

The OSCAR programme supervision manual 

The OSCAR Programme Supervision Manual (Full version)

Guidelines for using the manual

Topic 1 - Working in OSCAR/Getting ready to supervise

Topic 2 - Being a friend 

Topic 3 - Programme supervision principles

Topic 4 - Programme safety rules and boundaries

Topic 5 - Duty of care

Topic 6 - Behaviour guidance

Topic 7 - Being positive with parents

Topic 8 - Sign in/out procedures

Topic 9 - Risk assessment

Topic 10 - Playground safety

Topic 11- Programme excursions

Topic 12 - Emergencies / accidents / incidents

Topic 13 - Induction checklist

Health and safety - sample forms & other documents

Civil Defence - Sample emergency plan

Civil Defence - Get Thru poster (pdf format)

Venue safety overall checklist

Venue safety weekly checklist

Venue and programme risk assessment 

Risk assessment sample - blank

Risk assessment sample - pool

Risk assessment sample - playground

Risk assessment sample - excursion

Staff health & safety review

Excursion (Pre check)

Incident and accident reporting

Medication form

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Water safety

Poolside supervision tips

Water safety handbook 

Supervisors guide to the handbook 

Sample water safety policy 

Risk assessment - pool 

Pool staffing ratios (FAQ)

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Driver safety resources

The OSCAR driver's handbook

Supervisor notes for the driver's handbook

Child restraint /seatbelt rules

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Behaviour guidance

Behaviour guidance - sample policy

Behaviour guidance self review checklist

Behaviour guidance is everyone's job (simple foundations for effective practice)

Tips for keeping your cool

Helping children stay on track (staff skills checklist)

A place for children (programme climate)

They aren't listening to me! (tips for staff learning how to manage groups)

Excluding children (FAQ)

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